Introducing the Compost Company

Yesss FREAKING FINALLY! I'm so proud to announce the best idea since cheese: The Compost Company!

Do you live in Almere? Do you want great compost without the mess of making it yourself? We've got your back! We collect food and garden waste and turn it into the good stuff: worm castings, bokashi compost (compashi) and all kinds of liquid fertilizers.

Our mighty fine worm wine and bokashi juice We are currently working hard at our demonstration site at Odeonpark in Almere Centrum, building our demonstration garden and setting up the waste collection system for the inhabitants of Odeonstraat.

The waste collected at Odeonstraat will be turned into compost for the various eco-projects happening at de Groene Broedplaats. We aim to expand our business asap to other parts of Almere where we will collect kitchen and garden waste on a subscription basis. For a few euro's a month we will compost your waste into a product of your choosing:

Worm castings
Forget cow manure, worm poo is where it's at. Worm castings (or vermicompost) are an amazing organic fertilizers with water soluable nutrients that provide your plants with everything they need. Worm castings are a concentrated product so you don't need much to feed your soil. Due to the presence of worm mucus the nutrients don't wash out of your soil and your soil holds moisture longer. Worm castings also contain a lot of beneficial micro-organisms.

Worm compost
Worm castings + compost = worm compost. All the joys of worm poo added to our own compost provides your soil with nutrients and structure.

Compashi (bokashi compost)
Your food waste is fermented using Effective Micro-organisms supercharging it with beneficial bacteria. The bokashi is added to our compost to make Compashi: compost loaded with nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms that improve bioavailability, soil structure and your life in general.

Worm wine
The worm wonder juice that boosts your plants during the growing season. Add it to your watering can and have a party in the garden!

Bokashi juice
You probably guessed it already, but our Bokashi juice is the liquid runoff from the Bokashi fermentation process. Unleash billions of bacteria and lots of nutrients on your plants and watch them grow.

Liquid fertilizers
Did you know that those annoying weeds you keep pulling contain all kinds of nutrients and minerals? Now you do! We extract the good stuff and bottle it for you. Water your garden with weed-extract and you will learn to love the pesky plants as much as we do.

And more...
We are also working on creating our own 100% locally grown potting soil and we will set up a system for creating fungal dominated compost which will yield it's first product in 2019 (fungi are slooooow).

Visit us!
Our festive opening party is on Saturday the 23rd of September. Do you want to donate waste, receive more information or are you interested in joining? Use the contact form on the website and we'll get back to you. For now, meet the team and enjoy some pictures of our progress:

Compost Company garden design This is what we're working on!

Kerstin at our first compost pile This charming lady is Kerstin, permaculture designer at Premaculture Design and the boss of our plants (both living and dead). Kerstin designed the demonstration garden and has a lot of expertise on rotting stuff.

Irene likes plants Yours truly, Irene, instigator of the whole affair. Has worms her living room and likes to poke around in the compost pile. Permaculture designer at Living Systems and the big bad boss of the Compost Company.

Mutende at Odeonpark This is Mutende, Agricultural Engineer with a Masters of Business Administration. He knows all about the numbers (letters as well) and how to make this business a success.

Mowing the paths in the demonstration garden at Odeonpark The demonstration garden is taking shape! We have a bench and paths. We will use this area to demonstrate the effects of our products and to grow products for our liquid fertilizer. The poor guy with the mower is Chris, Irene's partner, whose handyman skills will be shamelessly exploited.

First pickup of garden waste at Oosterworld We picked up our first load of garden waste from Oosterwold last week, hopefully the first of many!

Posted on the 2nd of August, 2017