Design community garden BuurT-Tuin Karibu in Odeonpark

Tekening van de tuin op Odeonpark

Yeah! After months of planning, talking and meetings the design for the community garden at Odeonpark is done! The team at Inspiratie Inc has already started the garden surrounding BuurT-Thuis Karibu, and when the construction crew is done with the houses it's time to plant the rest!

Odeonpark is some seriously marginal land, while the rest of Almere is heavy, fertile clay this piece of the city has been used as a soil depot. This part of Odeonpark is the 'worst' part, there used to be a school here and all the soil is just white construction sand.. We will improve the soil using compost, hügelkultur, manure from a local petting zoo and of course green manure plants. The plan is to turn this area into a high production site that supplies the kitchen of Karibu with quality produce that the chefs can turn into exquisite meals for the restaurant. To keep the costs down only certain areas will be improved using compost, manure and hügelkultur and the rest of the area will be planted with appropriate crops that can deal with the sandy soil and/or provide fertility by fixing nitrogen and generating biomass that can be tilled in.

As usual in Permaculture design the problem is the solution here: in the sandy soil we have the chance to grow crops that can't grow anywhere else in Almere and this marginal land houses some rare plant species that thrive on the poor soil. Luckily nature doesn't actually need us and is already fixing itsself, check out the lush clover fixing nitrogen:

Met de voeten in de klaver

Posted on the 2nd of May, 2017